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Lecture 6

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MUAR 211
Jerry M.Cain

Monday, January 17, 2011 Lecture Six All of the songs for the quiz are a capella vocal groups. Know the difference between ensemble and texture and text.  Text: are there words? Know if they’re sacred or secular, and what language they’re in.  Imitative counterpoint: madrigal or Ave Maria (Renaissance pieces) Claudio Monteverdi Around 1600 there’s a profound change in music.  But it also really takes place through out the century after that. Monteverdi is part of the Renaissance and Baroque genres, he wrote music in both styles.  He is the first great opera composer (the first whose operas are extant) o Operas are invented in Italy in the Renaissance o the same thing with madrigals, but earlier  Therefore he wrote Madrigals (Renaissance) and Operas (Baroque) Monteverdi’s madrigals were attacked by Artusi because of how he used dissonance.  There are rules about how to treat dissonance  The majority of Renaissance music is pan-consonant (not a lot of dissonance in it)  With Monteverdi, there’s dissonance, it almost sounds wrong o To Artusi, it was wrong Monteverdi’s dissonance was in the secunda pratica, and gave the ability to the composer to set the tone of the music if desired. Madrigal The most important secular genre to this day. “Svogava con le stele” from The Fourth Book of Madrigals by Monteverdi  Secular music in Italian  SATB four part choir
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