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MUAR 392 Lecture Notes May 15.docx
MUAR 392 Lecture Notes May 15.docx

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McGill University
Music-Arts Faculty
MUAR 392
Melvin Backstrom

MUAR 392 Lecture Notes May 15 Chapter 49 Music Festivals  Music Festivals are the site of challenges to counter-cultural ideologies o “This is our festival” o Contradiction between anti-capitalist ideals, desire for spontaneity and freedom and need for organization, musicians and others to be paid, security (Hells Angels), etc. o Woodstock Vs. Altamont? o See Isle of Wight film YouTube clip and Festival Express excerpt Disc 1, scene 4  Newport Folk Festival when Dylan “goes electric” (1965)  Monterey Pop Festival (1967)  Woodstock (1969)  Altamont (1969)  Isle of Wight (1970)  Festival Express (1970) Socio-Political Backdrop to the “Sixties”  Widespread social optimism on account of rising livings standards; new technologies, social welfare (e.g. President Johnson’s “Great Society” initiative), increasing civil rights, etc.  1964: marks both passage of landmark civil rights legislation in the US and Gulf of Tonkin incident that leads to first introduction of US ground forces fighting in South Vietnam and subsequent beginnings of anti-war movement  1968 – Year of Reaction: Assassination of Martin Luther King Jr. and Bobby Kennedy riot outside Democratic National Convention in Chicago, urban riots by African Africans (especially after MLK’s death); election of Republican Richard Nixon as president who claims to speak on behalf of “Silent” Majority opposed to counter-culture, anti-war protesters, et.c  1969: Beginnings of Weathermen/Weather underground, Manson Muders, Seeming triumph of Woodstock Nation’s “pease and love,” but soon disaster of Altamont Tony Judt, “Diminished Expectations”  Post-war economic boom comes to an end in the early 1970s as cost of Vietnam War leads to end of Bretton-Woods system of fixed exchange rates; “stagflation” (stagnant economic mixed paradoxically with significant rates of inflation); OPEC oil boycott during and after 1973 Yom Kippur War between Israel and Egypt-Syria leads to dramatic increases in oil prices; waning of older industrial activities, e.g. mining, heavy manufacturing, etc.  1978: Birth of European Monetary System, precursor to Euro as partial solution to end of Bretton- Woods  Watergate Scandal increases cynicism towards government officials  “Most young people were now less concerned with changing the world than with finding a job: the fascinating with collective ambitions gave way to an obsession with personal needs. In a more threatening world, securing one’s self-interest took precedence over ad
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