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MUAR 392
Melvin Backstrom

MUAR 392 Lecture Notes May 24 Tips for Song Analysis  Vertical Vs. Horizontal description o Vertical  What is happening all together at a single moment in time o Horizontal  How does music  Reggae change over time o Foregrounded syncopated bass lines usually „dropping‟, i.e. not Elvis Costello “Radio Radio” (1978) playing on, the first beat of bar also key element  What are song‟s connections with and o Reggae first music genre to differences from punk? originate in “Third World” and  Straight into loud musical hook significantly influence Rock  Prominent Farfisa organ sound – cheap music analog organ sound reminiscent of early 60s garage bands Reggae Readings: Bob Marley and Peter  Strong straight eighth note rhythm – no Tosh 16 note syncopation!  Both original members (along with  Nostalgic lyrical celebration of radio – attack on increasing influence of videos Bunny Wailer) of the Wailers, Jamaican for musical promotion? group that formed in 1963 and made significant contributions to ska, Talking Heads rocksteady and early reggae  Tosh and Wailer left group in 1974  Formed in 1974 leaving Marley to carry on with new  First performance in 1975 in CBGBs group Bob Marley & The Wailers opening for the Ramones  What does Hilburn see as appeal of  Defined New Wave for many strongly reggae and Marley in particular? influenced by minimalism R&B/funk,  What is “The Third World Theme” to “African” rhythms, early electronic which the title refers? music, self consciously artistic, lacked  What is the purpose of Tosh article stereotypical “punk” look subtitle (“He‟s the Toughest” and  Three albumbs epigraph? How are they meant to shape o More Songs About Buildings our understanding of Tosh? and Food (1978) o Fear of Music (1979) Four Ska-Reggae Examples o Remain in Light (1980)  The Maytals “If you Act This Way” produced by Brian Eno (1964) Ska Ska, Rocksteady, Reggae  The Wailers “I shot the Sheriff” (1973) Reggae  Originated in Jamaica influenced by  The Specials “Concrete Jungle” (1979) local musical traditions mixed with Ska-Punk American R&B  Wayne Smith “Under the Sleng Teng”  All emphasize off-beat 1 2 3 4 or 1 AND (1985) Dancehall- Reggae 2 AND 3 AND 4 AND  Tempo is major difference, Ska is Ascendency of Music Video fastest, rocksteady slower, reggae slowest (on average – there is fast  Video originally conceived as way to promote music groups in far away reggae) markets or, in case
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