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Gottleib (2004) article summary

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McGill University
NUR1 221
Shari Gagne

Developing family mindedness within the McGill model of nursing: a guide to nursing the family. By Gottlieb Overview of the McGill model Goal of nursing: maintaining, strengthening and developing the persons healthy functioning even during illness. Nursing the family-family mindedness vs family nursing Focus of care is on nursing the family, not family nursing which requires advanced training. Nursing the family – importance of family in every situation and setting (family-minded). Being aware or roles. Aware that the persons responses and reactions are influenced by the web of relationships he/she is a part of. -In this guide: gathering info about the family. Why the McGill model of nursing considers family to be important - Aperson can be understood within the context of their current and past relationships - Family is influenced by each other - Family provides earliest learning experiences - Can be important healing environments - Can be at risk for illness and absorb the effects - Family events, illness, and crises influence health and potential for growth McGill model of nursing beliefs about families and core concepts of nursing the family All famili
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