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Plato and Socrates

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PHIL 200
Storrs Mc Call

Intro to PhilosophySeptember 7thPlatos mentor was Socratesdialogues constantly about SocratesWe will make no distinctions between their two philosophies PlatoSocratesSocrates was put to death by the Athenians in 399 BC First and most famous philosophical martyr Why was he put to death Dialogue The Apology died by drinking the hemlock poisonFor corruption of the youth and following strange religious practices We dont know much about themAsked Delphic Oracle who the wisest man in Athens no man is wiser than SocratesHe went and reported it to Socrates S believed there were more wiser spent his life trying to prove the Oracle wrong by questioning people in the streets Realized that many people who he spoke to had a very good idea on certain things The youth enjoyed seeing their elders discomforted by Socrates dialecticHe was tried in a court trial in an open court with an audience of 500 people result came from voting at the end Everyday his friends would come to prison cell to talk to himgreat privilege Euthyphro is a young man who is met by Socrates waiting outside the courts and Socrates says to him do you have a case before the courts Yes Im involved in the cas
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