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PHIL 242
Zoli Filotas

PHIL 242 - “Woman’s Place in Man’s Life Cycle” CAROL GILLIGAN RE-EVALUATING HEALTHYAND NORMAL PERSONALITY TRAITS - If Chodorow is right… - ...then growing up male is tied to separation and individuation (so men tend to have difficulties with relationships)… - ...while growing up female is defined through attachment (so women have trouble with individuation). - How does the world look if (unlike Freud, etc.) we don’t assume that masculine traits are the norm and that feminine traits ? WHAT IS MORAL MATURITY? STANDARD ANSWERS - Subordinating one’s projects and desires by recognizing that everyone has a right to pursue their own? - Coming to recognize that everyone’s interests matter equally? Buying into a fair system of rules that applies equally to everyone? FOLLOWING RULES AND LAWS - Boys’Games: - Disregard specific relationships: boys “play with their enemies and compete with their friends.” - And rules by definition apply in the same way to everyone. - Rules to games presuppose separate individuals who can take an abstract, impartial point of view on human life. - Girls’Games: - Rules are less important than social harmony – if there’s conflict, find a new game. - Interactions revolve around small groups and best-friend pairs: built on the specific features of distinct people. BECOMING INDEPENDENTANDAUTONOMOUS - Fairy tales about boys describe them going on adventures: ...i.e. learning skills... ...that allow them to effectively act on the world.... ...and distinguish themselves from others. - Fairy tales about girls i
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