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PHIL 367 - Lecture (Jan. 16th)

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PHIL 367
Susan Judith Hoffmann

thJan 16KantFichte systematic scientific reestablishment of metaphysicsScience of Knowledge scientific because it is an investigation of the properties of the mind hoping to eliminate all dualitiesopposition It deduces all precepts from one single principle Kant leaves a duality between the theoretical and practical worlds of knowledge Every act of the will has two aspects it is something phenomenal but it is also possible to be something in the neumenal world No epistemological certainty that will is free nor that will is determined Distinction between human beings as seekers of knowledge and as doers agents who act In the latter it is entirely rational to believe in things in themselves the neumenal world Two standpoints world of nature certainty and world of actionbeliefKantFichte freedom is autonomy Not necessarily freedom from external constraints but the ability to act as a result of an individual will spontaneous desire to act without prior external causation Fichte
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