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PHIL 367 - Lecture (Jan. 18th)

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McGill University
PHIL 367
Susan Judith Hoffmann

thJan 18 DoubtPoints out that at first glance it looks like an immediate selfconsciousness I appear to myself as free Yet upon reflection it appears as if freedom is impossible and that any freedom must be subordinate to nature and must be explained by nature Everything either is or is not something We know this in an object when we know all its propertiesScientific revolution has presented a naturalistic deterministic view of the worldIf one could slice the universe and see every event in a single moment of time then one could know the entire past and the entire futuremechanic causalThe pieces of the mechanism are moved by a force of natureFichte wonders whether there may also be a thinking force and whether he as an individual is one manifestationdetermination of this thinking force In this case thought and consciousness would arise from nature An unfortunate consequence is that morality then becom
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