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PHIL 367 - Lecture (Jan. 25th)

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PHIL 367
Susan Judith Hoffmann

thJanuary 25KantIntuition is a mode of cognition relates immediately to an object and is singleArgued that human intuition is sensible Intuition is derivative and requires sense data for it is a produced change within due to an external cause Therefore it is not an intellectual intuition which is the immediate intuition of objects without being affected by themKant believes that we dont know if this is possible because we dont know how it can occur However if there were a God then it would have an intellectual intuitionoriginal intuition representing objectivity without having an object affecting it Fichte believes that we have this ability which is why the charges of atheism is understandable Four Dimensions of the SelfTathandlungactivity that takes place unconsciously and gives rise to consciousness It is by an act of intellectual intuition that a transcendental philosopher can use reason to abstract from his experience and genetically reconstruct this original activity of the absolute I In this stepbystep reconstruction the principle of identity and the category of reality is deduced With th
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