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PHIL 367 - Lecture (Mar. 21st)

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PHIL 367
Susan Judith Hoffmann

stMar 21SEXFor Schopenhauer sex is the cornerstone of the will It is always present in our mind and is what drives our existence In animals genitalia is the central focus for the will The love for aesthetics is no different than a sexual desire for Schopenhauer Reason is feminine intellect is feminine however these traits are secondary to will and desire which are masculine Reason is entirely dependent on what it receives It does not help in morality in creation in art The transcendental subject loses its pride of place in Schopenhauer Schopenhauers subject is the I that cannot see itself It must reconcile itself with its boy It is fundamentally divided and thus unhappyWe can experience timeless reality being that is not spliced in conflict in this state one no longer considers time but rather with being As subject we are a clear mirror of the object Perceiver is not separated from the perception We only experience t
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