PHIL 367 - Lecture (Mar. 21st)

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Mar 21st
For Schopenhauer, sex is the cornerstone of the will. It is always present in our
mind, and is what drives our existence.
In animals, genitalia is the central focus for the will. The love for aesthetics is no
different than a sexual desire for Schopenhauer.
Reason is feminine, intellect is feminine; however, these traits are secondary to will
and desire, which are masculine.
Reason is entirely dependent on what it receives. It does not help in morality, in
creation, in art.
The transcendental subject loses its pride of place in Schopenhauer.
Schopenhauer's subject is the I that cannot see itself. It must reconcile itself with its
boy. It is fundamentally divided, and thus unhappy.
We can experience timeless reality, being that is not spliced, in conflict; in this
state, one no longer considers time, but rather, with being.
As subject, we are a clear mirror of the object. Perceiver is not separated from the
perception. We only experience the Platonic Idea. A form of meditation -> Nirvana.
Schopenhauer believes that this state is possible only in art.
Music is the objectification of the will; it is the highest form of human attainment.
The World as Will and Representation spoke to Nietzsche. Above all, it's because
Schopenhauer was not abstract and theoretical, but existential, concrete, and spoke
about life.
Nietzsche's central question: how can we remedy the ills of society?
Answer: a new tragic culture; new artistic culture
Does life have meaning? No. Schopenhauer is right in saying that life has no value.
However, Nietzsche dislikes Schopenhauer's ascetic denial and nihilism.
How can one live in a world with no value? First, one must recognize this true state
of affairs (nihilism) and to accept this state; this Nietzsche terms Dionysian
wisdom. Nietzsche compares this with Hamlet and Greek philosophers; the actions
of these individuals have no power to change the external state.
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