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PHGY 210
Ann Wechsler

Lecture 26- Friday, March 10 , 2010h Contractile Activity -Frequency determined by f of BER (ECA) -Propagation–though built in the ability of sm. muscle to propagate electrical signal from cell to cell, peristaltic contraction requires integrity of ENS -Amplitude–determined by magnitude of stimulus (stretch, ACh) In the stomach, waves of depolarization begin in pacemaker cells in the musculature in the upper corpus, and spread towards the pylorus, with a frequency of 3/min, and at a velocity which increases from 1 cm/sec in the corpus to 3-4 cm/sec in the antrum. Spike potentials which are initiative of contractions occur only intermittently, though always with a fixed phase relationship to the BER (ECA). Consequently, when gastric contractions occur, they do so at intervals of one every 20 secs, or some multiple thereof. The effect of the higher conduction velocity in the antrum is that when a wave of contraction is set up, the wh
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