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Political Science
POLI 212
Hudson Meadwell

FEBRUARY 17, 2012: Conference  Main issues in the development of states include industrialization (timing and type), regime type, religious questions, questions of nation and nationalism and how that connects to territory (territorial nation vs. political/cultural nation), effects of war and revolution.  Significant ideologies: Socialism becomes very important after 1848, Democratic Republicanism, fascism (more of a 20 century phenomenon), constitutional monarchism, and liberalism (focus on individual property rights, can co-exist with republicanism and monarchism), and conservatism.  Geography is a constant and important force. Questions of what the appropriate size of a nation state is in order to be able to capitalize on larger economic forces.  Bismarck: the founder of the first modern welfare state (to take pressure off of his regime from the lower classes).  Marriage of Iron and Rye was to gain the loyalty of the land owning elites.  State formation in Germany was more top-down and elite driven, and the German state was able to absorb the reforming spirit of the French revolution without becoming a Republican state. State Formation in France: 1. Why was the French Revolution incomplete? The Revolution in France is incomplete because it does not settle the regime question, nor does it provide a
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