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Lecture 11

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Political Science
POLI 222
Christa Scholtz

Party Identification and Campaign Dynamics 1988 Election Mulroney 2nd election Won largest conservative majority in 1984 Issue about Free Trade Agreement with USA How Might Campaigns Matter Vote intention What voters will decide Voter turnout Whether people feel it's important to go out and vote Attentiveness About the effects of issues on people Are they worth caring about? Why should I pay attention to such mundane issues? Key effects Priming A change in the issues that voters think about It's important because if one cares about childcare and one thinks an election is about childcare, then one might think that the party whose position is closest to ones is worth voting for Vote choice is driven by the most important issues voters care about Persuasion If a party can change people's might about an issue e.g. 1988 election trying to change people's opinion about Free Trade PID: Unmoved Mover Unmoved Stable over the course of the campaign Mover Can PID impact other things How does it interact with other things happening during the campaign? Those that are not identifiers, do they act differently than those who do identify? Do they look/act the same? Do you have differences across identifiers? Interaction effect Two variables --> one affects the other If introduction of third variable, does the relation change? If there's a change in the original slope (before 3rd variable), then it's an interaction effect Johnston Conservative vote intention and identification Stro
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