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Lecture 23November 16 2011Human Rights and IRConflicting NormsSovereigntyEverything is a mess and there are states who except that no one messes with their citizens except themselvesoNo one from outside should tell them what to doTerritorial integrityyou own what you have and no one can take charge over itoYou dont have to worry about others taking overSelfdeterminationoPrinciple that peoples have a right to determine their destinyoDuring WWIclaim for Allies fightingthe right for people to be free and chose their own destinyoAfter WWIplebiscites to decided where people wanted to belongoWWIIselfdetermination became more globally applicable instead of just EuropeColonies in Africa South Asia East Asia should choose for themselves their political destiniesHelped lead to decolonizationoProblem who is entitled to determine their future thoughThe boundaries drawn by outsiders didnt work but minorities who voted might not have a say in what happens and if they want to be separate but might not get the voteie Quebec trying to be independent but cannot because they might not have the entire voteif they are independent what about the other minorities in Quebec Anglophones in West Island Natives in the NorthoWho is the relevant self in selfdeterminationoWhat about in democracyoSelfdetermination is a challenge to sovereigntyterritorial integrity because they want to be separate and want territory therefore they threaten these things in the countryGenocide conventiono2 basic thingsrepresents an international agreement that countries should not kill in whole or in part a group that is distinct in ethnicity race language religion kinshipimposes an obligation for countries that if there is genocide in the world the community of countries ought to do something to stop itoproblem there has been genocide since 1945 governments have killed their people in partwhole
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