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Political Science
POLI 344
Jason Scott Ferrell

January 10, 2013 Lecture Two Theoretical Concepts and Approaches II Introduction • Organization of the state as a response to uncertainty about other actions  Creation of institution o War causes states to formulate an army • War as a reflection of structural considerations • Institutions of the state can take upon themselves an act of war • Why do states go to war? Insecurity? Domestic level considerations? (Ideology, territory, institutional interests, economic) • State as a domestic actor doing things that explain a structural level outcome Realism • Focuses on the anarchic nature of IR – importance of the state and the pursuit of power • Classical realism, neorealism/structural realism, neoclassical realism • International system is anarchic (no central power or established hierarchy to adjudicate between competing actors) o Not chaos but self help – cannot depend on others to help you with your needs (survival) • Power as a means of ensuring your own survival • Power relates back to the material resources of the state  Wealth, population, technology, armaments (all are tangible) o States pursue these things – only way to ensure own survival • State is the main actor – unitary actor, does not matter who is in power or what the regime type is  All states act the same • Survival is the goal  All states have same preferences • Skeptical/dismissive of ideas, norms and values – other things that are not tangible  Unimportant or simply a reflection of other considerations • How important is foreign policy for realists? o Not very because foreign policy reflects domestic level consi
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