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McGill University
Political Science
POLI 344
Jason Scott Ferrell

January 29 2013Concert of Europe The Gold StandardConcert of EuropeRule of law on an international levelBritain has to keep everyone on the same pageMake sure everyone is willing to do thisAll have different interestoAustria wants its own peace agreement with FranceoPrussia and Russia want to go into France and carve it up Britain is the hegemon economically as well as politicallyProvided the majority of the funding for the Quadruple alliance during the warMoral legitimacy on the part of BritainConstitutional monarchyBritain refrains from completely imposing itself on the ContinentoRequires the consent or assent of other actors Innovations that go along with the ConcertoPermanent allianceAlliance should persistoInstitutionalized form of diplomacy Continual alliance between these four nations is not something you would expectoBritain wants everyone to stick together and manage European affairs oAwareness that their institutions are not the same as FranceMatters who the actors areif there is a pe
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