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Lecture 13

Lecture 13 - Role of the UN, EU.docx

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Political Science
POLI 347
Julie Norman

Role of the UN & EU - Contain and limit direct violence o Peacekeeping missions (UNEP, UNIFIL, UNDOF) - Help victims of the conflict o Humanitarian aid (UNRWA) - Ineffective in creating conditions for settlement o Forum for communcication between parties o Quartet (US EU Russia UN) Limitarions and weaknesses - Security council o 5 members have veto power - Bias? o In GA? Or Security Council? - Irrelevance o Cold war influence and legacy o Structure/bureaucracy Looking back and ahead? - How would the conflict have been different if the UN did not exist? - What should be the role of the UN in the future of the conflict? - Should the UN approve the Palestinian bid for observer-state status? EUROPE: - 1970s o EC call for Palestinian self-determination; homeland o Declare settlements illegal under int’l law - 1980s – develop relations with PLO - 1990s o Financial assistance o Special diplomatic envo
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