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Political Science
POLI 354
Mark Brawley

1The Magic Bullet The RTAA Institutional Reform and Trade LiberalizationMichael J HiscoxIntroductionThe Reciprocal Trade Agreements Act RTAA of 1934 has long been heralded as a simple institutional reform with revolutionary consequences 669The shift of trade policy authority to the president helps to explain sudden shifts to liberalization after 1934 two versions of such a claimGiving power to the president prevents protectionist logrolling and allows consumers to be more aware of tariffsGiving power to the president generates larger gains for export interests and therefore more supportHiscox argues that the changing nature of the underlying trade policy coalitions and their relationships with the two parties 670 better explains why the RTAA produces more liberal policy as opposed to the aforementioned claimsThe RTAA story glazes over trade policy reform but emphasizes that if trade liberalization is caused by societal coalitions whatever changes currently exist as a consequence may be reversed in the futureHiscoxs points of contentionOrigins of RTAA and its coincidence with shifts in US trade policyThe Reform as an act of selfrestraint by Congress to eliminate logrollingFlaws to the alternative claim that the RTAA was a ploy to swing political balance in favor of freetrade interestsThe Magic Bullet The RTAA and the Death of US Tariff ProtectionismDemocratic electoral victories in
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