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Lecture 6

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PSYC 212
Remy Allard

Lecture 6September 20 2011Midterm Next TuesdayMultiple Choice Questions405525HB 2 PencilsRevision Sessions68 STBIO S13When rays pass from high index to low indexrays are deviated further from the normalWhen rays pass form low index to high indexrays deviate towards the normalOptical infinity6 m Rays are so far away that the pupil are pretty much parallelVisual System retinal processing and early vision chapter 9Problems with systemoCognitive visionoLearning and development seeing blurry as a child in classPerception is not trivialEyehas different layers of photoreceptors to process the information so that the neuron that it ends up with will respond to show that there is an object thereRetinaoSensory latyer and the most internalReceives visual informationoTransductiono10 layers to the retinaoworks through luminance trajectory in the eyethe retina has photoreceptors at the back of the eyecells process the information above the photoreceptors light passes through the cells and the photoreceptorssome information is lost because cells take energyoganglian cellsneurons that have an axon that goes towards the brain that carries the informationall go through the optic nerveoptic nerveaxons of the ganglian cellslight levelsoScotopicabsolute threshold cones to absolute threshold rootsTakes time to adaptIn the darkoPhotopicsuns surfaceabsolute threshold conesIn the sunlight
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