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PSYC 215
Donald Taylor

PSYCH 215 Lecture Nov 25 Reference Groups (II)  Hedonic Treadmill o We adapt so that our body can function correctly o Psychologically we adapt in the same way o So we make comparisons with experiences of our past selves and glue that with adaptation levels o Proud McGill student and one day you actually graduation, at the reception your parents are thrilled, and you feel let down, in a line up of 10,000 students going across the stage to get your degree, and you get a diploma you rush across the stage, parents don’t have good picture o You have degree and out you go, as an adult, you don’t get a job, hang around the house, parents keep telling you to get a job, but not even getting interviewed o If asked how things are going, would say okay but not great because you don’t have a job- several McGill friends don’t have a job, by comparison you’re ok o Three months later you’re desperate and you get a job that requires you to go to HR to fill out forms and you’ll get paid, wage doesn’t matter, entry level job, company sort of does things that resonate with you o The day after you get your job- say its going fantastic, I got a job! Time passes, one year, boss says he wants to review year, you’re doing well, and you’re getting a raise. Now from 10 to $11, happy! But to analyze psychologically, making more today than I was yesterday, more money suggests I’m going well and my life is going to improve a little bit, by comparison I’m doing great o Doing great NOT compared to no job, better than making 10 dollars- you have adjusted or habituated to 10 dollars, base line-0 and now 10, 10 compared to 0 great, 11 is great compared to 10 o Compare self to what’s been happening all year- next year its 12, fabulous because you are making more than 11 dollars, 11 has become new standard o If you just earned 11 for one week, not enough time to adjust- each year compare to the last that you have adapted to o Adaptation level changes according to your experience o What about relationship? You got none- I’m a loser, then you have one- don’t always compare relationship to no relationship, but to what its been like for the last bit of time o Relationship move up- more frequent better than what? Not nothing, last month because you’ve adapted o We are constantly adapting to our state of our affairs- all aspects of life o How long can things keep going up- the day you have 22 dollars an hour, at the end of the year, boss says you’re getting 21- compared to no job great, but you compare to your 22 adaption, 21 is lower, very unhappy o If we keep adapting, we’re setting ourselves up for failure= HEDONIC TREADMILL, the good things we pursue, can’t keep positive- until the day comes that we drop o All it takes is a certain time at a level, to a
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