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Donald Taylor

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Psyc 215Social PsychologySet 4November 8 to November 19November 8 2010 Following the theme I think weve got friendship pretty well organized and last time we covered love so I just to finishing up on interpersonal relationships Disregard the offensive picture but just to note Mens Health article where theyre talking about research done by John Lydon in our department You might ask what was his research about Actually quite fascinating What do women worry about when they are in an interpersonal relationship They worry about attractive alternatives meaning you dont want the guy in a situation where attractive alternatives to you are there He ran a virtual study were he got men in a virtual world where they had all kinds of things like cars and houses and goodlooking women and he found that how committed a guy was to a relationship was indicative of how close he would bring the woman stimulus to him So we know everything about interpersonal relationships and incase we doubt it Mens Health will back us upRemember locus or control I am in charge I have agency when you write your 5 page story dont be defensive about it How do I know if my idea is good one or different You are the one with the answer The reason you are writing is to convince any reader of your story When you choose your topic start by saying its an important issue and ask yourself if it actually is Peoples favorite color is probably not in the grand scheme of things the most important question in the world What do we know about it Tell us Its not a test of whether you can read 50 articles Start with your textbook You might read 2 or 3 other things but thats just to help you tell another story You can answer your own question I have an example to a few students at the end of last class normally I would say if fifty scientists have already dont a story with 5 yr old kids and you come along and say Ill do exactly the same thing with kids who are 5 and half years old Who cares Well I might care because 50 psychologists have found this and who cares But precisely between the ages of 5 and 512 kids mature to a different level of cognitive thinking and I want to see what happens with the study and see if there is a difference When people ask if my topic is good I cant answer that You tell me what youre going to do with it It also means you can test for yourself if its a reasonable idea Would anyone care about this You are not being asked to change the world just bring a little freshness to it The Myth of Personal FreedomUniverseCultureNormsRolesReference GroupsMeConformityWere going to shift now that weve solved every problem on interpersonal relationships Now were going to talk about social influence When we talk about it were really talking about beyond just one other person how do other people influence us Were going to start with a frank statement about social influence that is going to scare us out of our seats and were going to spend the next 2 to 3 weeks trying to flush this out If you and I sit and think about the world and people around us we can come to certain conclusions that are difficult to disagree with We can start with the following There are some things you and I share
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