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Lecture 8

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Religious Studies
RELG 203
Sean Ross

Lecture 8 Exodus: (a going out) Moses- hero of the story *escape from bondage in Egypt (liberation of hebrews from egypt) *the reception of the law from god at Sinai (some laws put into affect) *new system of laws 4 covenant Abraham’s descendants, people of Israel -obliged to keep his commandments Leviticus: *people of the tribe of Levi *special tribe set aside for priestly duty *Levites assist main priests Treatment of laws -religious ritual and worship -system of sacrifice (animals in temples, offering of meat and blood for gods) -laws of purity/cleanliness -holiness code (variety of different laws, idea of being a special nation set apart from god, list of punishments) Numbers: *journey from Sinai to Canaan *main theme = rebellion *external strife & internal strife *express desire to go back to Egypt *moses merges as an intermediary figure *Moses talks god down from destroying Israelites *prep to enter the land *Only second generation may enter into canaan Deuteronomy: *Israel is about to enter Canaan *Long speech Moses gives to people of Israel (farewell address) *10 commandments, new legal code *Moses dies *recount of previous 4 books 10 Plagues: 1) Blood 7) Hail 2) Frogs 8) Locust 3) Bugs 9) Darkness 4) Wild Animals 10) Death of the first born 5) Pestilence 6) Boils Lecture 9: Moses in the imagination Colonists- puritan immigrants (England) -efforts in evolutionary war -religious separatists -left England seeking religious liberty -compared puritan movement to Israelites in exodus (replication) -England represented Egypt -Leaders associated themselves with Moses (Winthrop) -As long as they obey the covenant, god will be on their side -failure to uphold will result in suffering (like the Israelites) George the third is a pharaoh oppressing people in colonies like Egyptians oppressed Hebrew slaves Resisting tyranny serves religious purpose -red sea falling in on Pharaoh’s army Liberty bell- example of an exodus that occurs in one place, fought on a social and political play US is associated with Pharaoh “Let my people go” -god tells Moses to go to Egypt to tell pharaoh to let his people go Martin
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