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POLITICS: “Politicized Hinduism”: Social “Reform”, Nationalism and Fundamentalism. / Colonial Transformations and Socio-Religious ‘Reform’

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Religious Studies
RELG 252
Davesh Soneji

To discuss Politicized Hinduism Social Reform Nationalism and FundamentalismColonial Transformations and SocioReligious ReformInterrelated Historical ProcessesHindu reform movements under colonialism creation of the modern public sphere Do reading on this There would be a Hinduism that can make itself t in with colonialismReication of caste and class the formation of middleclass HinduismAnticolonial nationalism Independence movementEmergence of rightwing Hindu politicsPartitionHindu reform movements under colonialism creation of the modern public sphere Imperial governance was strong there was an inferiority of Indian culture Lord English the Macaulay was trying to convince the british government of why to make national language of India It was in the goal of breaking the backbone of the nation which is her spiritual and cultural heritage to truly dominate the countryBible translationThe Civilizing Mission portrayed as crazy savage with turbans a
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