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Lecture 19

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McGill University
Religious Studies
RELG 253
Victor S?gen Hori

Joseon/Choson Confucianism Choson Period 1392-1910 During the Ming and Ch'ing in China Decline of the Goryo Land disputes with Ming and Mongols General Yi Seong-gye King Taejo of Joseon New capital Hanyang (now Seoul) Tributary state of China Joseon kings, Ming emperors Acceptance of the political authority of China Must pay annual tribute, Chinese is the official language, Chinese calendar in use, etc King Taejo was refused recognition by Ming His son was not recognized either Only in the time of the 3rd king that he was 4th king Sejong All of Worthies Invention of Han'gul 23 character alphabet Phonographs, not ideographs The people's language Self-stricking water-clock Water flows out of chamber and there's a device that makes it ring every hour Sun-dial Copper font movable type printing Imjin War 1592-1597 Japan invasion Admiral Yi Sunsin Turtle ship Fought the Japanese on the sea, before they landed on Korean lands Military stratagem Korean pottery Potters were kidnapped and taken to Japan Manchu Invasion 1636 Invasion of Joseon Choson becomes Manchu tributary state 1662 Invasion of China External stresses Manchus Ming Japan Internal Easterners vs Westerners Northerners vs Southerners Old Doctrine vs New Doctrine Kong Yongjo Model Confucian ruler Pacified the factions Economic reforms Killed his own son (Prince Sado) Not accepted by the public Coming of the West Late Choson Anti-catholic purges 19th century More Confucian than China 4 classes Yangban Civil and military officials Chung-in
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