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Tracy Prowse

March 25, 2013 Bonus Question: What is Dr. Prowse’s favourite movie of all time? -The Sound of Music Food and Nutrition-Required Reading pp. 97-110 (Not responsible for the section on pp. 102-107—A Capsule and Conquests) Food as Biological Necessity -food guide has been changed in Canada -however if you look across cultures you see they also have these guides -different cultures have different food structures/pyramids, visually see what is important Six Major Classes of Nutrients Macronutrients 1. Carbohydrates 2. Fat 3. Proteins (amino acids) Micronutrients-help in conversion of energy from our foods 4. Vitamins 5. Minerals 6. Water Cultural Aspects of Food  Food choices are determined by: o Cultural o Religion –certain religious groups have specific rules regarding their foods—e.g. Kosher o Environmental-what is readily available o Economic—what can you afford o Personal factors o Others? Food and Religion/Rituals  Adam & Eve—took the forbidden fruit—food represented temptation and sin  Ramadan-fast when the sun is up; sun sets and they share food  Jesus’ Last Supper-many religious faiths they drink wine and take a wafer—in the Catholic religion taking part of his body Ritual Sacrifice and Cannibalism  Aztecs thought that it was their duty to provide human blood to the sun god—specifically through the harvesting of still pumping human hearts  Mexico-Day of the Dead and associated feast—November 1 st o Meal with the deceased o Shrine set up and gifts given to the deceased o Welcoming dead back into their home—food sharing a key aspect—recognize that the dead still play a role o Bread of the dead Celebrations, Rites of Passage  If you have a celebration there’s traditional types of food associated with them o Easter, Christmas o Food has associated meaning o De Wali  Potlach ceremonies-Native American societies o Northwest coast o Host would invite guests to his home for a meal;
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