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The Hot Plague

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Karen Slonim

The Hot Plague Key IssuesThe diseaseConcept of shock disease Mode of transmission Antiquity of cholera The 7 pandemicsth 7 pandemic of cholera 1991 epidemic in Peru Choleras link to poverty Cholera preventionWhat is choleraCholera Greek term for gutter of a roof all matter leaving the bodyComes from the Latin word for heat means bad news in Arabic Very strongly tied to povertypoor water quality and poor sanitationcholeraAppears very suddenly and kills very violentlyDisease that came from somewhere else shame and blameConfluence of disease pools introduction of the disease form another place largely tied to the global city CholeraAcute infectious diseaseAffects small intestine reservoir is the small intestine Characterized by diarrhea syndrome Caused by Vibrio cholerae the comma bacillus first identified in 1883 by Robert Koch Human specific Diarrheal diseases are a leading cause of death in the developing world especially in children and infantsPathogenesisV cholerae colonize small intestine dont actually penetrate the surfaceSecrete potent enterotoxin that binds to cell membranes Entertoxin binds to cell channels in small intestine massive fluid loss Toxic effects last 20 24 hours not reversible Symptoms abate 24 48 hrs 2 to 3 day incubation periodSymptomsAbdominal fullnessLack of appetite Circulatory collapse Vomiting Rice water stools water ions and mucous Recovery requires oral rehydration therapy to restore fluids and electrolyteso Treatment can be fairly inexpensive and accessibleSelflimited disease 23 day duration Healthy carriers Case fatality rateo Treated 1 o Untreated50 75Ineffective vaccine doesnt reduce transmission of infection
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