ANTHROP 1AA3 Lecture Notes - Lecture 5: Paleopathology, Bioarchaeology, Foot Binding

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Anthropology 1AA3
Lecture 5: Studying Death
The Anga of Papua New Guinea
- Papua New Guinea is very isolated as there are over 800
- New Guinea is a rainforest area and it is di$cult to get into these
isolated areas
- Koke Village is the village we will be focusing on
- The Anga mummify their dead who look over the village
- Mummi+cation was dictated by the activities an individual did in
their life, those who were honoured were mummi+ed in a special
- Ochre clay must be applied to the mummy which aids in the
mummi+cation process
- Belief that if we do not feed the earth blood, the earth will not
provide for the people
- Mummies mark territory for a clan or village
- Study of human skeleton in human context
Nutritional De+ciencies
Rickets: Bending and fracture of bones due to low
vitamin D (a disease of civilization)
Can be found by deformities in leg bones
Tooth wear
Abcesses or cavities
Possible old foods found in teeth
oHabitual Activities
Activity Markers, what kind of work individuals did
Auditory Exostosis: build-up of bone that comes from
exposure to cold water
Squatting facets: Evidence of habitual squatting
Male skeletons have a greater number of fractures
than females
Intentional Modi+cations
Foot binding
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