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Chemical Engineering
Joe Kim

Anthropology Note – 11/09/11 By: Amrit Aulak Economic Systems Final Exam: 2 Questions atleast from Movie and Pictures on Exam How economy is related to culture Economics in western, monetary terms, but cross-culturally other nations do not represent money purely through $ So we look how cultures take resources that are desirable and how they distribute through society Resources  Land (physical) what is below and above ground  Includes technology; also referring to knowledge, material object and how to use it  Person in charge of the land Examples: Among hunting people, always owned communally, such as land Contrasting: we own land individually, in our society. Illusion that everyone has access to technology All societies recognize division of labour based on age and sex. In our society, these divisions are now being melted together Children in the west get away with a lot, as other kids around the world take much more responsibility, they fufill more tasks, mimicking their parents works We convert resources to goods, to desirable material and distribute it, related to Kinship Reciprocity – old definition: exchanging goods without use of money 3 sets of obligations: to give, to receive, to reciprocate Argued to happen in smaller communities, fundamental for all relationships 3 types of Reciprocity: 1. Generalized – when somebody gives something to someone else with no conscious expectation of returning the gifts Example: Parents feeding kids – fundamental concept for family 2. Balanced – short term exchange of roughly equal value 3. Negative – deliberate attempt at deception How this relates to kinship – general reciprocity is practiced among family and close friends Balanced occurs between friends and people of roughly equal status Negative happens between people who are not friends, possible enemies, used to benefit themselves often Redistribution Needs some form of hierarchy (organization) Found primarily in chiefdoms and our own society in the form of taxation Refers to the accumulation of wealth and goods/services by central person, and that is distributed back to society as a whole **Potlatch has been resurrected, practiced by Northwest Coast nations- is huge ceremonial event held by chief, announced for an important public events. In order to commemorate this, he will announce this for future HIS MAIN ROLE IS ECONOMIC PURPOSES, HE IS AT THE CENTER OF REDISTRIBUTION The chief invites guests from other village, and then we celebrate, and gives away everything that has been accumulated. But there is a method in how he redistributes these goods, but it depends on how the chief has the esteem of the recipient and how he wants to
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