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Lecture 16

CLASSICS 1M03 Lecture 16: Political Science 1AB3 2017 sample exam overhead

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Claude Eilers

Political Science 1AB3 2017: Sample exam Please answer any three of the following six questions. Your answers should demonstrate a thorough knowledge of both the lectures and the required readings. Below is a list of nine questions. Only six of these questions will appear on the final exam. Please answer three of the six questions. To do well in this exam your exam answers must demonstrate an explicit awareness of the academic debates that we discussed IN CLASS. You are also advised to draw upon the required readings (particularly the articles) in your answers, where relevant. The overheads posted on Avenue can provide a good start for your exam preparation – but they should be supplemented with additional information (the lectures and articles) if your goal is to excel. The exam is scheduled for two hours and thirty minutes. All of the questions provide the opportunity to explore sophisticated debates. You should, therefore, be writing for the entire two and one-half hours. 1. Discuss the political science of terrorism: as a contestable political category, as a recurring historical phenomenon, and as a modern policy concern. What do you make of Mueller’s argument that: “The costs of terrorism very often come mostly from the fear and consequent reaction (or overreaction) it characteristically inspires (qualities stoked by the terrorism industry), not from its direct effects which are usually comparatively limited.” In light of your discussion, what strategy would most effectively reduce “terrorist” violence? 2. In an August 2015 interview, Donald Trump expressed his concerns about a recent agreement with Iran (the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action) – an agreement that was designed to restrict Iran’s nuclear capabilities: “They are going to have nuclear weapons. They are going to take over parts of the world that you wouldn’t believe. And I think it’s going to lead to nuclear holocaust. And I will say this. The people that negotiated that deal, namely Kerry and his friends, are incompetent…I think other people will arm with nuclear weapons, yes, based on this deal. Because if you look at it, Iran will end up being nuclear.” Does nuclear proliferation represent a fundamental threat to world security? If so, what should be done about it? In answering this question, be certain to explore the arguments of both proliferation optimists and proliferation pessimists. 3. What, if anything, should be done to minimize the many human rights abuses that take place around the world? Should the United Nations be given a stronger and more forceful interventionist mandate? Are economic sanctions a better option? What about relying on the prosecutorial powers of the International Criminal Court? In light of your discussion, what do you make of Belloni’s claim that “humanitarianism is quite effective in sheltering Western states from the spillover effects of political crises but is less so in solving the problems it claims to address.” 4. Does “anarchy” make international politics different than domestic politics, as certain Political Realists maintain? If so, how? If not, why not? In answering this question, explore the structure and the impact of international organizations like the Inte
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