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Lecture 17

CLASSICS 1M03 Lecture 17: Political Science 1AB3 A Brief Guide to your Paper Proposal

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McMaster University
Claude Eilers

A Brief Guide to your Paper Proposal: Remember – a proposal is just that. It is a proposal: it indicates what you will be doing. The proposal is not intended to be a mini-version of your research paper There are different types of research questions - so not all of the sub- questions below will necessarily be directly relevant to you. Nevertheless, ask yourself the question: will my research strategy allow me to identify the key actors, structures, and institutions responsible for a given outcome/event (whether that outcome is a particular conflict, economic development, democratic failure/success, a particular policy success/failure, etc.)? Will the evidence I gather be sufficient to satisfactorily answer my question and support my conclusion? - In the introduction to your proposal - A). Outline your research question o What will you be exploring in your actual research paper? - B). Clearly establish why your question is significant o Why should we care about this topic? o Provide a little background on the issue/controversy that you are w
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