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Graeme Ward

Creation, The Olympians - Lecture 2 September-10-13 4:30 PM Hesiod - Hesiod was the first poet to explain the cosmos,gods and how humans came to be in his "theogany" Basic Elements - Hesoid explained the following: ○ Genealogy of gods (different generations), monstersand human beings ○ Their family tree and powers ○ Epithets: aliases (other names or titles before their names) ○ Origin of the world that coincides with other religions Invocation of the Muses - Hesiod begins by singing to the muses of Helicon, he is a Shepard himself - Muses are the daughters of Zeus and Mnenosyne(memory) - He mentions the muses so that he can possess somevalidity, that his story is from the gods themselvesbecause as mortals we are stupid and can't come up with art ourselves Story of the beginning - In the beginning there were only 5 elements: 1. Chaos (nothingness above) 2. Gaia (Mother Earth) 3. Tartarus (nothingness below, essentially a pit of darkness) 4. Eros (love or law of attraction) 5. Erebus (Darkness/Night) - These basically resembledthe three layers: ○ Sky ○ Land ○ Sea - Gaia (earth) and Ouranos (sky) mate and give birth to the 7 titans which are the first gods, along with the titans 3 Cyclopes and 3 "one-hindred-handers" were also given birth ○ Cronos was the most important titan because he castrated his father because he was in love with his mother and hated his father ○ These titans then mated with each other to create the rest of the world ○ These titans came from Gaia herself, since Ouranos was scared of his children Castration - The blood that fell on the ground from the castration formed the Furies, these creatures punish whoever kills their parents ○ Some giants are also formed from the ground as a result of this castration - Aphrodite came from the foam who is the goddess of sex and love ○ She is an eastern goddess since she is related to Cyprus (a city) ○ She is also related to
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