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Lecture 13

CMST 1A03 Lecture 13: CMST MIDTERM Notes

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Communication Studies
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Terry Flynn

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CMST 1A03: Midterm Notes Critical approach means that we will be thinking analytically about media and communication To look analytically at the ways media are implicated in our knowledge and understanding of the world (pg.8) Ask whose or what interests do media serve and what role do they play in creating and maintaining relationships, particularly in relations to wealth and power? (pg.8) What is Communication? Body language, facial expressions and nonverbal communication can communicate emotions and feelings. Things such as context and location create shared understanding which leads to interpretation. Advertising plays a role in making people aware. Social protesting speaking out or being silent, symbolism is present (ex. Black Lives Matter) Communication The act of making a message common to one or more people (pg.9) The act of transmitting and exchanging information and meaning through any form of language Music, WordsText are expressions and are types of Language Form of social action Creating, sending, interpreting messages or ideas Communication has the objective of speaking to and influencing an audience and to receive feedback. What is the significance? Media are huge industries Media are integral to our cultural lives We create our identities around media We bond over media We buy stuff because of media Stories in media tell larger stories about people, values Media creates communication and leads to community (ex. Star Wars fan community, ComicCon etc.) What we see in film can have a link or meaning to real world Donald Trump Political Ads His policies, his way of addressing issues, building Mexican wall, banning Muslims Volatile and aggressive communication His image as a politician has been shaped by his campaign managers Communication: Three models of communication: 1. Harold Lasswells Model: Chain of Communication o Who saysWhatTo WhomIn What ChannelWith What Effect o McDonalds Im lovin it
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