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Chapter 4: Defining the Project 4KF3 Lecture Notes Steps to Develop WBS  Define the project scope  Establish project priorities  Create the work breakdown structure  Integrate the WBS with the Organization  Code the WBS for the information Recall: Iron triangle – cost, time, scope Work package is the smallest unit of deliverables.  Defines the work that is going to be done Cost account – tracking cost through a specific group Project Scope Checklist  Project objective  Deliverables  Milestones o Major events of progress  Technical requirements o Features that are required in order to be successful  Limits and exclusions  Review with customer Project Priority Matrix Time Performance Cost Constrain No room for change X Enhance If the opportunity X arises, which will you improve? Accept Which priority is X flexible and can be broken? Page 1 of 8 Chapter 4: Defining the Project 4KF3 Hierarchal WBS Breakdown Page 2 of 8 Chapter 4: Defining the Project 4KF3 WBS Example WBS and OBS Integration Page 3 of 8 Chapter 4: Defining the Project 4KF3 Responsibility Matrix Project Communication Plan  Stakeholder Analysis  Information Needs  Sources of Information  Dissemination Modes  Responsibility and Timing Reading Notes  Some projects become too detailed – there needs to be a formal process to define the project  Work breakdown structure – disciplined, structured method for selectively collecting information to use through all phases of the project life cycle, to meet the needs of all stakeholders, and to measure performance of the strategic plan Step 1: Defining the Project Scope  Defining the project scope sets the state for developing a project plan o Project scope is a definition of the end result or mission of your project  The primary purpose is to define the deliverables for the end user  A poorly defined scope is the most frequently mentioned barrier to project success  Scope should be developed under the project manager and the customer  Scope descries what you expect to deliver to your customer when the project is complete Page 4 of 8 Chapter 4: Defining the Project 4KF3 Project Scope Checklist 1. Project objective  Answers the questions of what, when, and how much  Ex. to design and produce a completely portable hazardous waste thermal treatment system in 13 months at a cost not to exceed $13 million. 2. Deliverables  The expected outputs over the life of the project 3. Milestones  A significant event in a project that occurs at a point in time  Shows only major segments of work  Rough-cut estimates 4. Technical requirements  A project will usually have technical requirements to ensure proper performance 5. Limits and exclusions  The limits of scope should be defined 6. Reviews with customer  Internal or external  Understanding agreement of expectations Scope definition should be as brief as possible (i.e. 2 pages max. for small projects.) Scope Statements: otherwise known as Statements of Work (SOW). Project Charter: refers to a documented that authorizes the project manager to initiate and lead the project Scope creep: the tendency for the project scope to extend over time – usually by changing requirements, specifications, and priorities  often happens when scope statements are too broad Step 2: Establishing Project Priorities Quality and the ultimate success of a project are traditionally defined as meeting and/or exceeding the expectations of the customer and/or upper management in terms of cost (budget), time (schedule), and performance (scope) of the project. One of the primary jobs of the project manager is to manage the trade-offs among time, cost, and performance. Priority Matrix: to identify which criterion is constrained, which should be enhanced, and which can be accepted. (see figure 4.2 on page 107) o Constrain: the original parameter is fixed. The project must meet the completion date, specifications and scope of the project, or budget Page 5 of 8 Chapter 4: Defining the Project 4KF3 o Enhance: Given the scope of the project, which criterion should be optimized. o Accept: for which crit
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