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Lecture 3

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September 17th 2012 Totals and Subtotals - Totals and Subtotals - Totals available through the "Total Row" box - Subtotals can only be applied to ranges - Sort the data by the column you want to subtotal - "Convert to Range" - Data tab, Outline group, Subtotal button - "At each change in" (sorted column) - Outline levels allow you to view the data in various levels of detail Structured References - You can replace the specific cell or range address with a structured reference, the actual table name or column header - Syntax: Tablename[qualifier] - Example: Summary[Sales] = SUM(Summary[Sales]) - Qualified vs. unqualified references - Unqualified references don't include the table name. - You can use unqualified references in a calculated column or formula within an Excel table, however you need to use qualified references outside the table or in another worksheet when referring to an Excel table or a portion of the table. PivotTables - Sometimes large tables can be difficult to interpret - PivotTables allow us to summarize data into categories using functions (detailed data is not showed) - Quick and concise analysis - Named as such since data can easily be "pivoted". Terminology - Values fields - the fields containing the data to be summarized - Category fields - the fields
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