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Hannah Holmes

th LEC17 Nov 17 2010 Presence of the Past To what extent is the past part of present day landscape? how/why is the past important in what ways do we deliberately try to preserve the past? EX of the past in our daily lives: -family history: genealogy -preservations of historic sites, buildings etc DEFNS Cultural landscapes: the characteristics of a particular area, created through human activity NORTON Cultural resource: a human work or a place which fives evidence of human activity or has spiritual or cultural meaning and which has been dtmned to have historic value PARKA CANADA Commemorations: the formal means by which the gvnmt of CAN fives official recognition to subjects (persons, places, or events) or national historic significance PARKS CANADA Recognitionhow? designations, identification, education Significance why?  the past has benefits for us in the present ex ID The past what?  ppl, places, events QUESTION: On what basis do we dtmn that something is cultural resource, that it has historic value? “The Same Axe Twice” “An old farmer boasts he has used the same axe his whole life. He has only had to replace the handle 3 times and the head twice” Does he have the same axe? ANSWER: BOTH YES AND NO **may be on short answer FOR FINAL EXAM** National Historic Sites of Canada: 1. What is a national Historic Site NHS
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