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Sarah Brophy

2I06 English Lecture November 8 – Dalloway Glimpses of “la flaneuse” th - Term from 19 century France – Baudelaire - The proliferation of public places of pleasure and interest created a new kind of public person with the leisure to wander, watch and browse: the flaneur - Elizabeth Wilson, “the invisible flaneur” – the department store quote - Women embracing city life: Mrs. Dalloway: “Bond Street fascinated her” (2338-2352) – walking and looking; the sky-writing scene, which prompts Mrs. Dempster’s visions of adventure (2352) – ordinary person compared to Dalloway; the old woman who sings her ancient song in front of Regent’s Park tube station – “a voice bubbling up” (2379) – women will not be destroyed by the city but will live on united with it; Clarissa’s identification with the old woman at the window – “here was one room; there another” (2403, cf. 2432); Elizabeth Dalloway in the department store (2404) and on the bus (2407) - “Suddenly Elizabeth stepped forward… ruthlessly” (2407) – personification of the bus – transportation still coded as masculine – some cabs and omnibuses are unlicensed, therefore pirates - Elizabeth and Clarissa opposed by Septimus – adopting to new London – Septimus brought to a halt by the noises of the city Is the war over? - “The war was over…. Thank Heaven – over.” (2339) – many still grieving - Septimus and Rezia Warren Smith – “and this gradual… terrified him” (2345) - Lady Bruton – her broad and simple emigration scheme “we are of opinion… what we owe to the dead” (2394) – send the veterans to Canada - Both Lady B an
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