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Maxime Dagenais

2T03 lecture 14 November 2012: Immigration, outmigration, racism and women Problem of outmigration - 1860s: our young nation faced a serious problem, Canadian population was growing very slowly - One factor: immigrants preferred to settle in US rather than Canada - Another factor: outmigration - Between 1867 and 1890, many Canadians left their homes and settled in the US or the west th - Maritimes: 500 000 left for New England between 1860s and late 19 century – more available jobs - Quebec: est. 700 000 left – most settled in New England, found work in mill towns and farmland – anti- French KKK was very active in Maine at the time, very difficult relationship with the Maine locals Immigration and Immigration policy - Although open on paper, Canadian immigration policy was very selective – Americans and Brits favoured - To increase immigration, Clifford Sifton (minister of the interior) accepted others, esp. from Eastern Europe (white) - Many E. Eurs. Arrived + populated W. Canada – USA good land taken, Canada had cheap, fairly good land to offer in the newly added W. Canada - 1905: Sifton retired from politics – Canada returns to pro-Brit/American policy Immigration and Settlers - Icelanders – 2000 settle in Manitoba in the 1870s – prospered after rough start - Jews – many arrived in the 1880s and settled in many areas including Montreal, left E. Eur. Due to persecution – very successful in Montreal, added to the city’s socioeconomic flavour - Ukrainians – roughly 250 000 arrived betw. 1867 and 1945 – very successful due to hard work and determination Racism - There were serious tensions between Frenc
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