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nursing anatomy and physiology notes

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GI IV1GI part 4 Liver GallbladderPancreasLiveroAnatomy4 LobesRight lobe Left lobe Caudate lobe and Quadrate lobeFalciform LigRound LigFalciform ligament it is attached to Diaphragm which divides our liver into one large right lobe and one left lobe ligamentum teres aka round ligament the umbilical vein from placenta that is becoming in the future for adultPorta HepatisPorta means Door so this is the Door to liver where all the blood vessels dump into live for the further process filteringDucts LR Hepatic Common Hepatic Cystic Common Bile Pancreatic Ampula of VaderAlso in our liver they produce bile and this bile follows through duct Right hepatic duct and left hepatic duct These two ducts get together at the common hepatic ductGall bladder is connected with cystic duct cystic means sac so this is the duct that is connected with the sacThis cystic duct and common hepatic duct joins as a common bile duct and it is going to connect with the pancreatic duct It is now called hepatopancreatic ampulla Ampulla of vater Ampulla means that is something can be larger and smallerWe have sphincter of the hepatopancreatic ampulla aka sphincter of Oddi will regulate to release it or stop releasing it
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