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What is camp?  An aesthetic sensibility where things that are ridiculous to the viewer are considered humorous or appealing!  Often described as “cheesy” and “excessive”!  Similar to kitsch = gaudy and tacky popular art forms! American writer Susan Sontag's essay Notes on "Camp" (1964) referred to camp as “love of the unnatural: of artifice and exaggeration.” Examples of “camp”  Original Batman TV series; Disco; Liberace!  John Waters films (Hairspray)! What is parody? Roscoe & Height (in Mock-Documentary and the Subversion of Factuality) note that: Parody borrows styles in order to mock and critique them - it works against discourses that take themselves seriously!  is different than pastiche (which lacks critique)
  satire implies ridicule of subject, parody may not  like irony, parody offers up more than one meaning, it embodies ambivalence and ambiguity Comic elements of parody appreciated when we recognize the object being mocked! Consider how technology facilitates production and distribution. Consider how popular culture can be highly referential in how it refers to other representations… rather than referring primarily to things in the world.  What other representations do these videos refer to? (Macklemore/Ryan Lewis vs. Leslie Hall)  What knowledge must the viewer bring to this, and how do we obtain that knowledge?  How might this bring us back to the theme of mediated culture? Tra
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