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Lecture 7

MUSIC 2F03 Lecture Notes - Lecture 7: Big Band, Silent Film, Dimitri Tiomkin

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Simon Wood

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Music 2F03 Lecture 7
- Monologue is “metadiegetic” – exists on the boundary between film world and audience
- Music ends with the first diegetic dialog transition into narrative
Scene 2/3: Lydecker’s Story
- Know that Laura was murdered by shotgun blast to face
- Main character is detective investigating her murder
- Source music is Laura’s theme
o Film is mono-thematic, rather unusual approach limiting yourself to one primary
o Music almost comes to represent Laura
o Laura is being depicted as this absolutely remarkable women, depicted through
the different men
o Lyedecker is a collector of things he feels are aesthetically beautifully
Laura is an object to him (Laura is not to be listened to, but to be looked
o Laura is idealised womanhood to men
- Dialog between Lydecker and Laura is scored with a waltz Why?
o Laura theme disappears
o Waltz is a type of dance, it’s metaphorical cause the two are dancing around
each other
o Two are literally almost playing a game
- Laura’s theme enters as she speaks her mind – this is the “real” Laura
o Not until he cracks her exterior that you get the real Laura, and the theme comes
- Note how the music transitions back and forth from source to score
o Won’t hear it if you’re not listening, transitioning from trio to orchestra
Scene 4
- Find out halfway throughout film that Laura’s actually not dead
- McPherson’s gets agitated, calms down, then agitated again, recurring theme
o He’s falling in love with a dead woman
- Music follows McPherson’s internal state as he searches the apartment
- Note how the music is connected to the portrait
o For first time, McPherson stands right in front of portrait
- When real Laura walks in, there’s silence (no Laura’s theme)
o No music, therefore not a dream
o Fantasy vs reality
o She turns out to be whiney, annoying, obnoxious
o Balancing that everyone convinces is this perfect who turns out to be kind of
o Makes her small, far less grand
- Becomes cynical of her, but eventually gets to know her and does fall in love with her
- If there was Laura’s theme when she walked in it would reinforce everything we were
told about her
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