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Peace Studies

May 27 Building negative peace “against war” – this has a negative connotation (against something) To do anything to outlaw wars International law: geneva convention Bilateral or multilateral treaties: when two or more enter an agreement The backing of the UN or the International Court of Justice Building positive peace In favour of something – has positive connotation Peace: affirming set of values Mother is earliest conveyor of social values Individual, community, societal, national, international levels Positive peace: challenging and incremental “just war” vs “just peace” Just war – wars are sometimes wages to enforce justice -moral war Positive peace could also be halting, fragmentary and strenuous May include: Socio economic justice or fairness Equal opps Democratization Enviro sustainability and well being Not many ppl in world are in favour of democracy Some states have no recognition or respect for democracy Ie Cuba, PRC-but they think they do have democracy although under communist rule..their democracy is (single) party based Their state is dictatorial and is a one party state We say to have peace in our society we need democracy, rule of law and constiituion Scarcity of water, water has become source of conflict between south asian countries, arab, south Africa Pursuit of positive peace is important. May lead to: Reduction in violence and oppression Overt violence of war “structural violence” Peace in a ‘slaveholding society’ is not a real peace Denial of equal rights Lack of economic opp Unaffordable health care, education, housing, etc Includes denial of political freedom incl: Right to organize, speak freely and participate in self governan
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