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PLATODialoguesPhaedoA priori Knowledge whose validity is independent of experienceA posterior Knowledge that comes after experience that depends on experience for its proof or validitySymposium Speeches in praise of Eros Love byPhaedrus Pausanius Eryximachus a physician Aristophanes a famous comic poet Agathon the symposium host and a famous tragic poet Socrates Alcibiades a later speaker uninvited who speaks not of Eros but of Socrates The Speech of Socrates1 Refutation of Agathon Eros is not happy or beautiful 2 The speech of DiotimaFather of Eros Poros Resource Mother of Eros Penia poverty Paternal grandmother Metis cunning Socratic Irony Simple Irony Literally false Means something different usually opposite from what is said Socratic Irony Both is and is not seriously meantTrue in one way and false in another Republic Book 6Idea form of the Good Metaphysics philosophical theory of being or realityPlato BeingIdea Intelligible things grasped by intellect Sensible senseperceptible things Opinion Belief doxa Knowledge episteme Understanding nous Thought dianoia Dialectic Philosophical method of knowledge without presuppositionsSunVisible ThingsSight Idea of GoodIntelligible ThingsUnderstanding nousThe Idea of the Good1 Beyond Being transcendent 2 Causes beings to be 3 Causes intellect to understand and have knowledge Understanding Philosophy ThoughtScience PerceptionOpinionRepublic Book 7The Allegory of the CaveAn allegory of1 The human situation
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