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McMaster University
Stefan Rodde

Mills He’s British Respect for liberty must nearly absolute - The only legitimate grounds for restricting liberty is to prevent harm from coming to another Individual must be protected from State power Individual must be protected against majority opinion Utility The property which attaches to anything which contributes to pleasure and the privation of pain - Utility is the only thing that in intrinsically good By respecting individual liberty, no ones hindered from cultivating a taste for these pleasures One of the higher pleasures which humans ought to develop is the pleasure of thinking about and living our own lives Ex. living alone in res Liberty What is liberty? So politically charged that it sometimes doesn’t mean anything - Negative liberty: absence of external constraint - Positive liberty: presence of opportunities for choice Increasing one tends to decrease the other Maximizing one tends to restrict the other Ex) Speed limits – restricts negative liberties of the drivers but promotes positive liberty for the people that live in the neighborhood, children can play (positive liberty) Gun control – limiting gun control allows for positive liberty of the general public so they don’t have to live in fear Conflict between –ve liberty (people that have firearms believe they should have the right to own a firearm) and +ve liberty (people can be killed. Ex. kids living in a dangerous area don’t have the chance to grow, to experience) Mill and Liberty Mill is mainly concerned about negative liberty - Does this seem odd?
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