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Political Science
Todd Alway

Political Science 1G06 2013 Lecture 4b MarxismWhat causes inequalityHow and why does the specific form of inequality change over timeKarl MarxthContext 19 century Britain and the Industrial RevolutionNew Productsiron railways steampowerNew forms of workthe factoryNew sources of social powermanufacturersMarx asks the questionHow did this economic order come aboutwhat caused the economy to shift from feudalism to capitalismIs the Free market Capitalism a just order given the severe conditions experienced by the Working ClassWhat possibility does the future hold for changeHistorical research led him to conclude that there are fundamental laws of historyThese laws can be discovered through an examination of the economyWhat is the essential nature of the Economy Economic production consists of two principle elements1 The means of productionThe material part of the economy ie tools technology etc2 The relations of productionThe relationship of human beings to the material part of the economyHuman beings have different relationships to the material part of the economySociety is divided into those who own Means of Production and those who do notA CLASS is a set of people who share the same objective relationship to the Means of ProductionIn Capitalism those who own the Means of Production are called the Bourgeoisie those who do not are called the Proletariat1
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