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Lecture 9

POLSCI 2C03 Lecture 9: L9-Prison Industrial Complex

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Friday, March 24, 2017 EffectsPrison Industrial Complex Definition Prison Industrial Complex: Network of public and private interest that divert public funding into activities that increase corporate profits either in the absence of any compelling public purpose of after public achieved Notion of a prison industrial complex is borrowed from other research of stripping stuff into the private hands Build things much larger than the state can About taking resources out of the public and putting them in private hands (private prisons) Spending on prisons and jails have increased at 3 times in the US than education 7 States spends more money on incarcerating people then higher education Causes: Expansion of Prison Populations US is second or third in the world Through the use of mandatory minimums we are expanding prison populations Privatization of Prison Facilities Particularly in the US but not exclusively First done in US as a financing mechanisms Think that we can lead private operators run prisons until they get their money out (so public doesnt need to fund infrastructure) So we should let them continue to run it as they are better with the financing Profit motivation leads to the expansion of such facilitating (removing costly programs like education and rehabilitation) The state pays the prison per inmate (the longer they stay the more the private corporation is paid) Regressive Politics Idea that we would marginalize communities rather than include them Pursuit of punishment over rehabilitation Mandatory Minimums Idea that there is a continuing need for this to continue to selfperpetuating Interests: FederalProvincialState Politicians Over the course of the last 10 years, the conservatives tell us we need stronger punishment, mandatory minimums etc But we have been safer more than ever Politicians keep telling us that this is a problem (maybe it is a problem) but there is also a pursuit of votes (appeal that they are not safe even if it is not borne out of fact Trump: Limiting refugees etc but that is not where the argument is going. The argument is becoming that these muslims are bad people. When you do that you are suggesting that muslims are bad and we need to protect that. 1
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