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10/1/2013 1:26:00 PM Lecture 8 A. The Queen & The Governor General  Head of state- queen  Powers exercised by governor general 1867 constitution act  Have the authority to dissolve house of commons  Overthrow the prime minister  Relatively ceremonial  Has 3 powers; o Appoint government, o To dismiss a government and o To dissolve government  Overlook facts and can play a crucial role at times by convention  Rarely rises  If prime minister dies during office; likely that the deputy prime minister will fill the role; but we currently do not have one, the governor general would go accordingly  Governor general has never dismissed the government in Canada I. King-Byng Affair o Dissolution of the house of commons o 1925 general elections o Following the election MR King indicated that it was not his intention to go down, King refused to resign from office o Corruption in government o The governor refused to dissolve parliament o Eventually King and his government resigned o Brought the shortest government in history only lasted for one week o 2008 prorogation o government having confidence over the house of commons o Pronging parliament o governor general set conditions o to return parliament with in a month o II. Tupper Appointments o 1896 Tupper prime minister at the time lost the election to Laurier  remained till house of commons remained  appointed senators o governor general – ceremonial o not significant o the real power is in the cabinet and prime minister B. The Prime Minister  control the house of commons though strict party legislations  holds power- given by convention  provides timing of dissolution of the house  presides over the cabinet  has meetings with the cabinet  it is more powerful in a parliament has more control over the government than the president of the united states  most powers can be reviewed by the court and some cannot I. Black v. Chretien o 2000; Conrad black; chair of a company that has control over several media outputs o „if it was to the right it was good‟ o the national post and their editorial content was
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