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Political Science
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Political Theory January 29, 2013 Aristotle & Machiavelli Machiavelli (1469-1527) Roman Republic (509-49 BCE) Livy (59 BCE-17AD)  Pg. 215 “Basic democratic is liberty… “ o It is so promote freedom o “Ione principle of liberty it to be ruled and to rule in turn” and another “a man should live as he likes…”  Distinguish between these 2 types of freedom  Liberty = freedom  You have 2 freedoms o 1. Political/public/civic (having to do with the city)  Participating in government  Closely associated with REPUBLICANISM o 2. Individual/private/civil (living in civil society, in your ordinary life)  Living your own life in your own way  Closely associated with LIBERALISM  Only city that should be a democracy should be basic poor one (small, similar and similar above all in their poverty) o They are all farmers Machiavelli: HELD  Idea of the republic  Italy organized in independent republics  He was a diplomat and a public servant for the republic but these places were highly unstable  These republics were overthrown  He knew so much about politics because he was a diplomat for the city of Florence  He had a distinct preference: REPUBLICANISM  What is REPUBLICANISM o Res Publica is the Latin word for the Public Thing o Basic idea: there is a public thing and that is the object of politics o Look at politics and understand our regime as something we all own and share o Declaration of public ownership  Roman Republic came about after they over threw the tyrant  It is not the same as democracy o Democracy means people have the power o Res Public: there is a thing that belongs to use it doesn’t say who governs or has the power o What politics is the matter of all  Pg. 28 Held: certain aspects of Athenian democracy come back in the understanding of the Romans but it is not the same thing, all thought Rome is a republic but the upper classes were never dominant it w
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