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Political Science
James Ingram

Political Theory February 7, 2013 Benjamin Constant (1767-1830)  Liberalism gives you a domain of rights (umbrella stick man picture) o Domain of individual freedom o Locke  Republicanism o Rousseau says that that is not that much freedom (under the umbrella) o General will  Law comes from us (the law is one that you made yourself)  Thus you are fully free  You cannot give the collective general will to someone else  General will cannot be wrong because as long as we will it together it is right o Pg. 46 “her recognizes that each …” o When some finds that their private will is in competition with the general will, we can force you to be free o Pg. 46 “in order then… Which alone can giver forces to the rest….”  We are forcing you to be free  Its all civic and political freedom  Human ability to master yourself  Merely civil freedom or merely civic freedom that is not human freedom  If you can identify with other s with whom you live you can be free in your community  Your laws are laws to you, because you made them Republicanism Developmental Protective Rousseau Machiavelli Athens Rome  Protective is aligned with liberalism  Rousseau is not quite a democrat  **you are autonomous (autonomy  you give yourself law/self legislating)  General will is only about general things Benjamin Constant  Diagnos
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