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POLSCI 3VV3 Lecture Notes - Political Philosophy

Political Science
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James Ingram

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Political Theory
February 7, 2013
Benjamin Constant (1767-1830)
Liberalism gives you a domain of rights (umbrella stick man picture)
o Domain of individual freedom
o Locke
o Rousseau says that that is not that much freedom (under the umbrella)
o General will
Law comes from us (the law is one that you made yourself)
Thus you are fully free
You cannot give the collective general will to someone else
General will cannot be wrong because as long as we will it
together it is right
o Pg. 46 “her recognizes that each …”
o When some finds that their private will is in competition with the general
will, we can force you to be free
o Pg. 46 “in order then… Which alone can giver forces to the rest….”
We are forcing you to be free
Its all civic and political freedom
Human ability to master yourself
Merely civil freedom or merely civic freedom that is not human freedom
If you can identify with other s with whom you live you can be free in your
Your laws are laws to you, because you made them
Developmental Protective
Rousseau Machiavelli
Athens Rome
Protective is aligned with liberalism
Rousseau is not quite a democrat
**you are autonomous (autonomy you give yourself law/self legislating)
General will is only about general things
Benjamin Constant
Diagnosis: what went wrong during the last 25 years is a basic mistake in political
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