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Lecture 9

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Richard B Day

1 Jan 23/14 Dr. Day, 2B03, C02, Personality Lecture 9 Freud and Psychoanalysis • Defense Mechanism is a mechanism put in place by the unconscious ego and it’s designed to reduce the amount of anxiety that the conscious ego experience, by distorting the conscious egos awareness of reality • Essentially we have one part of the mind that is lying to another part of the mind • The purpose of defense mechanism is not to deceive others, but to deceive ourselves Projection • Projecting an unwanted impulse to someone else, or to the target of that impulse • Saying he loves me when you in fact love her • The projection version of “I hate dad” is “Dad hates me” • Erotomania- the belief that a famous person is in love with us, involves displacement and projection defence mechanism Rationalization • Take forbidden impulse “I want mom” • The unconscious ego fills the conscious ego with reasons for our behaviour that have nothing to do with the impulse • We are fooling ourselves, we fully believe the reason Reaction Formation • The unconscious ego fills the conscious ego with the opposite • “I hate dad” -> “I love dad” • Essentially we are punishing dad but for the right reasons, not because we are being aggressive or assertive but because we care so deeply, which is the only emotion we experience consciously • Allows us to do hostile aggressive things to do, without feeling anxious because we are doing it out of love • Parents that punish their children could be an example too 2 Jan 23/14 Dr. Day, 2B03, C02, Personality • Applies to sexual and aggressive impulses • Another ex. is anti-pornography critics • Another example is excessive homophobia • Study done sampled men who were strongly homophobic and some who didn’t care and showed graphic images and recorded arousal. They found that the group that was most aroused were the ones who were strongly homophobic. • Freud argued that many cases of phobia involved reaction formation. People have phobias of many things. People have phobias with things that they barely encounter. Freud says he knows why. For ex. Snake phobia – Freud said they are guarding against undesirable impulse, using combination of displacement and Reaction Formation, which we have to undue. The real impulse is
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